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     Norfolk Horn

2008 Watchlist; Category 4, At Risk.

The Norfolk Horn belongs to a group of British black-faced hill or heathland breeds. It evolved on the sandy heaths of the Beck land of Norfolk and is well adapted to surviving on poor quality grazing in a cold, dry environment.

Popular in its native county until the middle of the 19th century it was preceded with the "improved" breeds such as the Leicester Longwool and Southdown. By 1919 only one flock remained and in 1950 there were only 10 registered ewes and two rams.

Both sexes are horned and long legged with black face and legs. The fleece is closer than other hill breeds. Mature ewes weigh about 70kg. It is a hardy, thrifty breed with good maternal instincts and is an excellent forager

This breed is one of the successes of Norfolk Horn Sheep Breeders group and of the Rare Breed Survival Trust. While the numbers are still low, they have improved and the breed is now in the Vulnerable category meaning that there are less than 900 breeding ewes.

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Norfolk Horn Ram - Bemborough Nobby

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