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     Berkshire Pigs
The Berkshire is the oldest pedigree recorded pig in Great Britain and was historically much favoured as a speciality pork producer.

It is black with white feet, nose and tip of tail with prick ears. Although primarily black / brown in colour the skin is not pigmented and therefore does not suffer the same discrimination as other coloured breeds in the commercial market. The flesh is noted for texture and flavour.

Considered to be a first class light weight porker up to 65kg it suits the specialist meat trade, and is the ideal 'freezer' pig for the discerning customer.

The naturally strong constitution of Berkshire pigs makes them ideal to outdoor systems. They are adaptable, providing ease of management, and have placid temperaments.

We currently have 5 female lines, Suzanne, Lady, Farewell, Royal Sapphire and Excelsa. We have two male lines, Nama Abel and Orlando.

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Berkshire Pig - Suzanne

Berkshire Pigs

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